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  1. Education Courses
    MEREO Is dedicated to providing cost effective, and even free classes to the communities it serves. Click on the link below to see which classes MEREO teaches in communities near you.
  2. Research Teams
    In Addition to MEREO's Education courses, MEREO also is dedicated to assisting the greater picture in the Research Department. MEREO's Research teams track and report Severe Weather across the country, and gather valuable weather data along the way. To become a member of MEREO's Research Team click on the button below.
  3. Projects
    Not only does MEREO Provide services in the field, but we also have multiple projects to assist other organizations to better their equipment. Come check out some of our projects we are working on here.
  4. Donations
    MEREO is a 501c3 organization. This means as a Non-Profit we need people like yourself to donate funds to help these departments stay running. Each donation is a Tax-Deductible donation and will be used to help each department continue its life long mission.
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Upcoming Classes & Events In Colroado
Welcome to the New MEREO webpage. We at the Meteorological Research and Education Organization strive to making a difference in the world about weather and preparedness for all hazards of disasters. This year in 2017 we are striving to add new classes in more cities. In doing so we are starting our first ever simulcast of our classrooms. When doing so each classroom will be added to a new Online classroom for you to use on your own time. ​
MEREO Research Teams
Current Teaching Areas
MEREO has storm team availability all over the country. Please select which application works better for you. You can sign up your whole Team in one application, or if you are an individual, you can just sign up your self. Please also know that there are rules and regulations that you will need to follow if you are accepted into MEREO. Thank you all for your interest in MEREO and Good Luck!
MEREO is not only geared to researching weather, but  is also dedicated to educations. We are constantly growing in our classroom sessions, and Locations. Please click below and find a City close to you to find local educations.  In addition, MEREO is working on its Online Classroom. Please check out our system for these up comming classes.
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